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Milling Machines & Gantry Milling. This precision range of portable milling machines can be used in conjunction with other Mirage portable machine tools to undertake a range of applications, such as heat exchanger repairs.

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Global On-site Machining Repairs and Maintenance. The Metalock Group's On Site Machining (OSM) division have built an extensive range of precision portable machining equipment and specialist skills. We provide cost-effective workshop-quality machining for the largest and smallest on-site machining projects around the world. Nearly 70 years ...

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Equipment List . To view photos of some of our machines, please click here. CNC Machining Centers; CNC Lathes; Manual Milling Machine; Manual Lathes; Grinding Equipment; On Site Machining; Fabrication Equipment; Miscellaneous Equipment

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In-Situ machining / On-Site Machining Experts Goltens is a solutions driven supplier providing some of today's most technologically advanced on site and In-Situ field machining services. ... transport and reinstallation of the machinery or equipment.

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Repair & Rebuilding of Metalworking Equipment. At Dan's Machine Tool, Inc., we specialize in the repair and reconditioning of all types of metalworking equipment. Customers trust us to provide the critical repairs to their mills, lathes, iron workers, benders, and other machinery that …

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PROTEM is your strategic partner and manufacturer of portable machining, cutting and welding equipment. Pipe facing machines, orbital cutting saw, splitframe orbital cutting, pipe beveling, tube cutter, repair of sealing joints, flange facing machine

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On-site Machining is a service performed when the plant is offline. Portable machines will carry out machine shop operations without the need to remove the plant item. Our expert technicians are well trained in a variety of On-Site Machining disciplines to meet your plant needs.

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With alignment problems, on-site machining is often a solution. As the complete solution specialists, SKF Solution Factory - Marine Services has the right experience and equipment to fulfil a large range of on-site machining needs.

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At Cutting Edge we use state-of-the-art On Site Machining Equipment customized for Hydro Power, Thermal Power, Mining, Offshore and Steel. ... Cutting Edge Equipment to Make Your Project a Success. Our Equipment has been Customized For: HYDRO …

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CLIMAX pioneered portable machining and we are ready to help you achieve your economic goals and improve the performance of your on-site machining, welding, and valve testing projects. We are committed to delivering outrageously good customer service - …

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Founded in 1942, key provider of portable machining, field mechanical services, and large-scale job-shop machining. (716) 824-4359 ... Field Services Machining Equipment Contact Us MLS Machine Shop MLS Machine Shop, founded in 1942, is a key provider of portable machining, field mechanical services, and large-scale job-shop machining. We've ...

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Welcome to On-Site Equipment Repair! Located at the top of the North Idaho Panhandle, On-Site Equipment Repair is conveniently able to do the job right out in the field or in our shop facility.

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On-Site Machining Services Hydratight's On-Site, In-Situ Machining Services offer increased plant up-time and safety, while cutting assembly, dismantling and transport costs for refurbishment and maintenance of equipment and plant to a minimum.

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We offer a variety of milling tools and services for motor bases, rotating equipment, platens, presses and similar applications. Mactech's Heavy Duty Mills are designed to make on-site, close tolerance machining cost effective.

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Mactech is the World's foremost provider of in-situ & on-site machining products and services. Mactech offers a wide array of on-site machining services ranging from minor repairs and adjustments, to major repairs and reconstructions.

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Machining Service Let us get your machines up and running again in no time! With our precision portable machining equipment and professional crew, we have the ability to work on your machines on site. In addition, our team has decades of experience so you can be confident in knowing that we can get the job done right and fast.

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2-Day Onsite & Online Auction Former Machinery and Equipment of Macton Corporation – Day 1 On-Site Auction w/ Live Webcast Sale Date: Day 1 - Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 at 10:30 A.M. EST,10:30 A.M. EST. Add To Calendar. Auction Location. Place a Proxy Bid. If you are unable to attend an auction, Koster Industries can bid on your behalf ...

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Fimatech is a field machining provider serving the Gulf Coast region. Our portable machining equipment is capable of servicing all your machining needs at your work site instead of having to go through the trouble of removing and shipping the equipment for servicing.

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Pioneers of on site machining, Reekie Machining developed the first portable machine tools in the UK and have been a family run and independent business since 1947. ... We have an extensive range of in situ machining equipment, most of which was designed and manufactured at our workshop, allowing us to modify or build new machines and equipment ...

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On-Site Machining. Powerhouse employs a group of field machinists that can help you with even the most complex field machining project. Whether using our portable mill to level a pump base or line-boring a multi-stage pump, we are an experienced group of machinists who own our equipment and can mobilize quickly, often same-day, to help you with your on-site machining needs.

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Onsite Machining Equipment. Established in 1995, Field Machine Tools (FMT) is a privately owned Australian company that has grown to become one of Australasia's leading suppliers for specialist on-site machining equipment portable maintenance machines designed to provide engineering solutions for field applications to minimise downtime.

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Destec On Site Machining Includes. Facing – Destec portable machines are equipped with variable speeds and automatic feeds to give good accurate surface finishes. Power feed tool posts can be set for tapers, profiles, spigots and boring. ... We have portable equipment to cover all diameters and depths.

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On The Road Machining. Click here to view the Equipment we use Established in 1999 On the Road Machining is a portable on site machining & In-situ Machining company in Canada.

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Once on-site, unloading, and loading of our machining equipment is quick and is typically accomplished with a small fork lift. Flexibility Our proven equipment and processes can be applied to almost any machining requirement.

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On Site Machining (In Situ Machining) Whenever the challenge requires on site machining, Reekie Machining's team of specialists can be relied upon. We have one of the widest ranges of in situ machining equipment in the world.

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They usually comprise five equipment systems: implement, traction, structure, power train, control and information. Heavy equipment functions through the mechanical advantage of a simple machine, the ratio between input force applied and force exerted is multiplied. Some equipment uses hydraulic drives as a primary source of motion.

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Mirage Machines supply portable machine tools for on site machining applications including Flange facers, Hot tapping, Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Grinding, Journal turning, Line boring, Pipe and casing cutting, bevelling and threading machines.

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IPM's experienced team of technical representatives, custom machine tool design engineers, project managers, and field machinists work together to provide the best solution to your on-site machining and refurbishment needs.

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In-Place Machining Company provides on-site machining services to a wide range of industrial, scientific and military customers throughout the world. Some call what we do field machining, others refer to it as in-situ machining, portable machining, or mobile machining.